The 5 Rules To Simplify Asset Management With Asset Inventory Software

asset inventory software rulesWhat you should know about managing a business with asset inventory software?

The crux of efficient business management relies on a few major aspects. One of them is inventory control. The reason is simple and obvious. Your company needs asset inventory to carry out its daily work operations. Poor inventory management means that your tools and machines are unable to perform their respective tasks. This leads to low productivity which demotivates your employees as well. To ensure optimal utilization of resources, it is critical that you implement robust asset management practices for your organization. Such routines not only help create economies of scale but lead to increase in overall efficiency.

According to a few recent surveys, trade and retail sector accounts for the largest number of inventory in the U.S. An estimate of around $618,408 Billion has been recorded in September 2017, which is a substantial increase from $605,193 Billion in September 2016. Research data also predicts a positive impact on inventory for various other business sectors as well. If this growth trend continues in the coming years, inventory management will pose a great challenge if not handled in the correct manner. Taking care of your assets is simple, as it should be. It mainly involves 3 basic steps; tracking, maintaining and analyzing. Continue reading

Get In-Depth Analytics On Inventory Consumption With Inventory Control Software

inventory consumption inventory control softwareInventory control software for conducting in-depth analysis of your business inventory

The key benefits of business analytics

Internal operations in organizations often go through seasonal fluctuations. This happens because of constant changes in the market. Customers alter their preferences, or the company decides to completely replace old stocks. It can be quite challenging to deal with such situations. This is where the concept of business analytics comes in. Business analytics include all types of techniques and methods, used by an organization to measure performance. To ensure compliance, companies also try to customize analytics as need be. Doing so, allows firms to effectively manage all sorts of assets in their inventory. When you gather data for inventory analysis, you tend to monitor minute details which are easy to miss out on, otherwise. All this valuable information helps you achieve the following objectives:

Encourage strategic decision making: Maintaining accurate records gives businesses the accessibility to make calculated forecasts. Besides being a source of secure information, analytics also speed up management processes and refine future plans.

Stay up-to-date with the latest trends: Frequent changes in the market mean constant alternations to your responsiveness towards them. If for instance, you notice an increase in the usage of a particular asset. This means you have to order more stock next time. Real-time monitoring helps you stay ahead of such fluctuations.

Mitigating risk of fraud: Constant supervision of your assets ensures transparency of all operations. If you notice any unauthorized actions, it becomes easier to spot and stop them. Data management through the use of statistics results in improved anti-fraud and risk practices. Continue reading

How To Tackle Low Inventory Stock Problem With Inventory Control Software

track low inventory stock with inventory control softwareUsing inventory control software to track low stock and replenish in time

Essential features of stock management for your business

Inventory control revolves around two types of business strategies i.e. quantitative and qualitative. What this basically means is that your asset base should not only include high-tech tools, but also the right number of tools. For a company to implement a robust inventory management routine, it is absolutely imperative that both these factors be taken into account. While organizations spend a lot of time devising inventory budgets so that quality isn’t compromised in any way, they forget that the next stage depends entirely on how you manage that quality. The smart move would be to make a one-time capital investment and then focus your efforts towards an outstanding stock management application.

The critical issue with inventory control is having low stock. While it’s easy to store extra stock in your warehouse – it can be quite damaging as well. Unused items are likely to suffer from natural calamities, expire and break down more often. This is why it’s wise to always operate at the optimal stock quantity. When you deploy just the accurate amount of stock, you increase the risk of shortages. These low inventory stock problems can be monitored easily. You can do this through a cloud-based inventory control and tracking tool. This software not only lets you take care of stock, it also tends to improve performance and productivity in the long run. A sound inventory management program focuses on the following metrics to deal with low stock: Continue reading

Keep Track Of Perishables With Inventory Control Software

Tracking perishables using inventory control software

How can inventory control software be useful for tracking perishable goods

Businesses dealing with perishable products like pharmaceutical and food industry struggle with unique challenges when trying to optimize their inventory. For instance, food and beverage business are at a constant risk of contamination and are susceptible to spoilage in case of improper storage conditions and short expiry dates. A powerful inventory control software becomes an absolute essential because of the sheer complexity that perishable inventory comes with. Perishable products require special attention. You need to keep a close watch on a product’s expiry date and make sure that you actually sell it before its ‘sell-by’ date. Unlike nonperishable inventory, you don’t have the privilege of running a year-end sale on perishable items to clear stock because by then your products will have already expired.

Most of the operations in such businesses are about having the ability to constantly match supply to demand. This can give a tough time to businesses that sell perishable goods. And so technology came up with methods for recognizing inventory for perishable goods. Goods that seem to have no value in the next period or in short ‘perishable goods’ are difficult to track for managers. An effective inventory control system for perishable goods can alleviate many issues involved.

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How to Shortlist an All-in-One Tool Inventory App for your Business

all in one tool inventory appThe need to have an all-in-one tool inventory app for your business

No matter what size of business you are running, you MUST control, manage and track your inventory at all times and from anywhere. Inventory management has never been as important as it is today because business transactions take place on a global scale covering multiple locations. You simply cannot rely on manual counting and tracking of inventory anymore. Going mobile is absolutely essential for business entrepreneurs who require the flexibility to run their business from anywhere they want. Enterprise-level tool inventory tracking systems are both expensive and difficult to use. Imagine how frustrating that is for an organization that direly needs to track tools and equipment at multiple locations.

Fortunately, pocket-friendly and flexible cloud-based inventory apps are increasingly making it easier to remotely manage all your tools and other inventory items. They make data search, visualization and entry easier, no matter what location or time it is simply by using your tablets and smartphones. There are tons of inventory app options out there for Android and iOS devices providing custom options sure to fit your business needs. From automated alerts to barcode scanning, having a tool tracking app sure is a business essential to simplify complex business processes and needs.

But how do you choose one for yourself? We have gathered a list of features or factors you should definitely consider before taking the leap of buying a tool inventory app for your business. Continue reading

How Asset Tracking Software Can Help You Survive the First Five Years in Business

asset tracking software for new businessesManaging the first few business years efficiently with asset tracking software

Starting out a new business venture can be both exciting and challenging. You probably have a lot of unique ideas you want to launch in the market. Geared with a committed core team, you feel like you are ready to go. But when you finally step out into the business world, you find yourself struggling to keep up with the competition. It’s not as easy as you thought it would be.

So, what is the key to survive the first 5 years of business? We talk about the first five years because they are the most critical in determining an organization’s performance during the later years. Each year, one out of 12 business in the USA shuts down whereas this rate cuts down to 1 out of 6, the first four to five years [Source]. Whatever strategies you implement initially will ultimately propel your growth and give you a fair idea about your profits.

Once you have your business idea finalized and prepared, the next step is to invest in the right tools for maximum returns. Along with a highly productive team, your company would need a system to manage its resources. Even the best quality capital is useless if you fail to utilize it in the right way. Successful business plans focus on greater investment returns. Along with some other productivity tools, a high-performance asset tracking software can help you achieve exactly this! The software enables you to meet your business targets through a variety of features: Continue reading

How Does the Health Sector Use Hospital Equipment Maintenance Software?

hospital equipment maintenance softwareUsing Hospital Equipment Maintenance Software to Address Healthcare Challenges

Healthcare facilities struggle when connecting two different types of information – inventory management data with procedural data. It is not an easy task. With a large quantity of expensive and sensitive equipment involved, healthcare sector tends to spend a substantial amount of money on hospital equipment maintenance. The global healthcare market for asset management is predicted to expand to USD 29,603 Million by 2020. The leading causes for this growth include rising concerns for safety measures in the hospital industry.

As the number of patients increases every year, the healthcare sector is forced to find more effective mechanisms to handle hospital workflows. Major factors pushing this trend include the need for eliminating excess in costs, increased reliance on technology and improved staff productivity. To attain these objectives, the health sector prefers all-in-one cloud-based solution packages for inventory control. Continue reading

3 Reasons Why You Should Implement Inventory Control Software To Achieve Your Business Goals

inventory control software business goalsThe importance of inventory control software

Inventory management is a critical part of a business work plan. The correct techniques for inventory control can lead to large revenues. Whereas, inadequate inventory maintenance can cause significant financial as well as production losses. Poor inventory can be quite damaging to your organization.

Overstocking of assets is dangerous, as additional stock can be destroyed over time due to unforeseen circumstances. If you lack a system to take out poor inventory, it will just consume extra space in your warehouse. Idle inventory is also at a greater risk of getting lost or being stolen. All these are direct consequences of poor asset management practices.  

What is the best inventory solution for your business?

To implement effective inventory control practices, businesses choose to invest in automated asset tracking solutions. According to a market report published by Credence Research regarding retail inventory management software deployment, the demand for cloud-based solutions is on the rise. The global market for inventory control software is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 7.6% for the time period 2016-2023.inventory control market Continue reading

5 Must-Have Small Tool Tracking Software Features For Your Business

small tool tracking software features

The need for small tool tracking software

Is your company struggling because of  disparate business processes?  It’s possible that you are setting your business strategies wrong but the good news is that it’s never too late to make amends.

Most companies look into their current inventory management practices to identify the bottlenecks that negatively impact productivity. As the entire company is affected by inventory tracking processes, redesigning inventory management with a small tool tracking software is a great place to start. The problem with tool inventory is that it is often too vast. To top that off, several employees use office tools to carry out their duties so tool downtime can severely impact processes for small businesses. This is why an efficient tool tracking system is a must for small businesses!

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5 Surefire Tips to Improve Tool Management with Inventory Control Software

inventory control software

Why is inventory control software essential for your business?

Facing trouble in recording and maintaining data on tools, misplacing tools after been used by an employee or difficulty in keeping track of tools being shipped off to various locations are some of the issues your business might be facing when it comes to inventory management. If you’re facing some of these challenges then it’s time for you to invest in inventory control software.  

Inventory management is crucial for every business. Ineffective inventory control methods can lead to mismanagement of tools, incur additional expenses and ultimately lead to an unproductive work environment. By opting for a cloud-based inventory tracking system, you are moving towards improving efficiency by ensuring the accuracy of data. In contrast to cloud based tool management solutions, drafting documentation in spreadsheets can be time-consuming and not easily accessible across the organization. Below we will go through some handy tips about how tracking inventory can help your business out! Continue reading