The Top Four Considerations When Buying IT Asset Tracking Software

it asset tracking software

The importance of IT asset tracking software

IT asset tracking software is hugely important for companies that have a substantial amount of IT equipment across multiple locations. Of course, most businesses fall under this category today, as the use of laptops, printers, projectors, and different business hardware and software set-ups is extremely common. The main issue that companies run into when trying to manage these assets is ensuring that everyone has access to the equipment they need, whether it is for use right now, or for a reservation in the future. In addition to this, the assets need to be in good shape and must be able to perform well for their custodians. This would ensure maximum productivity, not just by helping employees speed up their tasks, but also by simultaneously lowering administrative burdens on your team.

Therefore, IT asset tracking software can help your business track, manage, and maintain assets with ease. However, what would make a solution like this really worth investing in is its ability to log and work around requirements specific to IT assets. Different types of equipment have different aspects requiring attention, whether it’s a special component that needs to be tracked or a regulation that needs to be met. The IT asset space is no different. Below, we’ll take you through some major concerns that business technology users have to keep in mind when browsing for an asset management solution.

Tax compliance

Everyone from regulators to stakeholders require tax transparency these days. Businesses need to pay special attention to this, especially considering that the IRS assessed $2.1 billion in civil penalties against business income tax filers in 2014. Making sure your company is tax compliant might sound scary to the uninitiated, but it is actually a breeze if you use business software to do all the complex work for you! Continue reading

Benefits of IT Asset Management – A good idea for businesses

IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management (ITAM) systems now have become a ‘must’, not ‘nice to have’. Asset management is no more an option for IT teams and businesses. But is your IT Asset Management tool keeping up with the technological changes, complexity towards licensing, requests for audits and above all the increased pressure for financial transparency? Continue reading