Here’s How Asset Tracking Software Helps Universities Track Loaner Equipment

loaner equipment asset tracking softwareAsset Tracking Software for Loaner Equipment Management

Asset tracking software is an absolute essential for the education sector, particularly, universities where there are items continuously on the move and spread over a massive area. It happens to be an increasingly critical part of the day-to-day activity. Universities, in particular, have a lot of departments and buildings where countless assets are used. There are tech tools, books, lab equipment, furniture, loaner equipment and other educational tools. If you don’t track your loaner equipment properly, you might be at risk of paying additional costs in maintenance, support, and insurance. You need to remain aware of who has it, what condition it is in and what type of agreement it is on. You can easily run a report to find out all the information you need using an asset tracking software.

Among other assets, IT assets tend to be a costly investment for universities particularly when replacing them becomes a routine – as items are lost or stolen on a regular basis. That becomes a real burden on the already tight budget a university go through. Universities rent out equipment from vendors to save their costs as technology quickly goes outdated and students rent out equipment from universities all the time. We all know students come and go. They really don’t take loaner equipment they borrow very seriously. You need to keep an eye on all your assets and keep track of them as it is essential for your university’s budget. Replacing a $250 cable may not be much for a big company but for the universities already running on tight budgets, it is a considerable amount.

For smoother operations, without any nasty buildup of extra expenditures, asset tracking solution is a must. We have gathered ways in which asset tracking solution helps universities track loaner equipment and other educational assets. Continue reading