How To Request Inventory Stock In EZOfficeInventory

stock request inventory control software

This blog explains how to make a Stock Request for inventory items in EZOfficeInventory. You can read our accompanying blog on Purchase Orders for a full picture of handling procurement with our software.


  1. How to make Stock Requests as a Staff User
  2. Actions that Administrators can take on Stock Requests
    1. Approving and Confirming POs
    2. Approving and Adding Items to your Product Catalog
    3. Denying Requests
  3. Email Alerts for New Stock Requests

1. How to make Stock Requests as a Staff User

To do this, an admin can give staff users the option to ‘Request Stock’, from Settings -> Add Ons -> Purchase Orders -> Check ‘Allow staff users to create purchase order requests for Administrators to review and replenish stock’. Hit ‘Update’ to save the settings. (Note: This feature is only available for inventory stock items for now) Continue reading