How A Small Tool Tracking Software Helps Your Construction Firm Save Money

small tool tracking software for construction profitsSmall tool tracking software: A must-have for construction industry

If a main construction vehicle rolls to a stop all of a sudden or a conveyor at a construction site stops moving, how do you go about avoiding such a major shutdown in your operations? Unfortunately, more focus is given to large and expensive equipment like cranes and dozers in the construction industry rather than small tools and consumables which are found in larger quantities compared to heavy equipment. Small tools have big roles to play in construction projects. For instance, you cannot weld anything without welding rods or perform carpentry tasks without hammers. Most of the time, small tools are used carelessly, stolen or misplaced.

There are so many companies that really don’t care to perform tool management in order to track tools that help in repairs and fixes. Such tools include jackhammers, multimeters, drills and other things that keep all your valuable machines running smooth. Whether it is preventive maintenance tasks performed on regular basis or emergency repairs, you have to have small tools at hand to do the repairs and fixes of your critical machines and other assets. Continue reading

Does Your Tool Tracking App Have these 5 Cool Features?

tool tracking app featuresWhat is tool maintenance and what role tool tracking app plays for your business?

Regardless of the nature of a business, tool control plays an important role in determining future growth prospects. To ensure that you have the right tools for the job, you arrange for the best possible inventory items. You allocate various resources to all departments and the business activities begin flawlessly. All this sounds a bit too simple, right? It’s not. A lot of effort goes into pushing your company to achieve maximum returns from an asset.

Tool management is an intricate task which involves a lot of monitoring and supervising. To give you an example, there are 4 types of maintenance strategies alone. Imagine trying to figure out which equipment needs to be fixed and at what time? But, it doesn’t have to be too complex for you to handle. With the new technology rolling in, software programs like tool tracking applications make the job easier for you. Such applications allow you to conduct basically two functions:

  • To monitor performance
  • To improve performance

By doing both of the above, you will be able to maintain a full trial of audit for tool activities and create a highly efficient and organized work environment. To understand how a tool tracking app works, you need to know about the main functions they have to offer: Continue reading

How Asset Tracking Software Reads Across 5 Different Industries

5 asset tracking software industriesAsset tracking software and its application in different industries

Asset management is a process that involves maintaining and monitoring assets of a business. Companies have both tangible assets and intangible assets and asset tracking can be applied to tangible assets like company cars, equipment, land, buildings, inventory, cash at bank, cash in hand and even to intangible assets like computerized databases, website, software, domain names, patent technology and brand.

Asset management includes reliability checking, tracking leased and rented assets, performing predictive and preventive maintenance, retrieving and assigning assets together along with business intelligence and analytical features. It enables you to track and record the life cycle of an asset: upgrading, maintaining, operating, deploying and finally disposing of an asset. As soon as the asset is deployed, asset tracking software keeps a record of all its maintenance events and allows an organization to perform regular audits till the asset actually retires.

Asset tracking software can be used by a multitude of businesses and industries like healthcare, IT, education, hospitality, media, nonprofit, government agencies, and many others. You’re familiar with some of the general functions of asset tracking software but how does it read across different industries? Different industries mold and utilize this software according to their functionalities and operations. Below we have enlisted five industries that make use of asset tracking software while promoting efficiency and accuracy in their businesses. Continue reading

How to Evaluate a Tool Tracking Software on Your Free Trial

tool tracking software free trial

Why should your business track tools?

Tools are a valuable part of a business’s portfolio. The larger your organization gets, the more tools it is likely to acquire. More tools mean a greater tendency to have a negative impact on the bottom line due to tool malfunctions or mismanagement. Tool maintenance is therefore a crucial aspect of an optimized business productivity system. Working with depleted tools can lead to delays, downtimes and inefficiencies which can ultimately lead to financial losses. To avoid costs associated with poor tool  management, a business should invest in a tool tracking software wisely.   Continue reading

5 Must-Have Small Tool Tracking Software Features For Your Business

small tool tracking software features

The need for small tool tracking software

Is your company struggling because of  disparate business processes?  It’s possible that you are setting your business strategies wrong but the good news is that it’s never too late to make amends.

Most companies look into their current inventory management practices to identify the bottlenecks that negatively impact productivity. As the entire company is affected by inventory tracking processes, redesigning inventory management with a small tool tracking software is a great place to start. The problem with tool inventory is that it is often too vast. To top that off, several employees use office tools to carry out their duties so tool downtime can severely impact processes for small businesses. This is why an efficient tool tracking system is a must for small businesses!

Continue reading

The best way to use asset tracking software to track your tools!

Asset Tracking Software

Why is asset tracking software the best bet for tracking tools?

The construction industry has a lot of elements to constantly monitor and track. Do we have all the details mapped out and ready to go? Are we accounting for the weather? Are the workers where they need to be? Do they have all the equipment they need to get the job done?

This last question opens up a whole new set of questions. Your inventory needs to be fully stocked, safety gear well-maintained, and you should have all the details of who has custody of which tools! This can be tough to do manually. Spreadsheets tracking small tools can get unnecessarily complicated and messy, and a single incorrect log can throw off an entire year’s worth of calculations and planning. This is why asset tracking software is a boon for tool tracking in the construction industry. Let’s have a look at 5 sweet features you can use to optimize tool management and get things done with a lot less effort! Continue reading